ETIK Kiteschool Tarifa
Kitesurfing school, Tienda Mala Mujer Living, C/ Batalla del Salado s/n (frente estación autobuses), 11380 Tarifa

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+34 620 891 399

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Home group courses

Even if you have done a kite course before or already have some knowledge; intermediate or advanced, you still can join a group course according to your level. This course can be done in 1 to 4 days according to your personal needs.

We have courses for everyone!

Through our experience, we have developed the best group course of 4 hours a day and that’s what we strongly advise. This four hours will give you time to learn and practice all the basics with your instructor. But you can also do a 3 hour course if you are looking for something more economic.


  One day kitesurf course; introduction to kitesurfing


                                                                    Nivel 1 - Controlar la cometa en la playa

 Level 1 - 1 Day

In this one day course you will learn all the basic theory, the safety systems and how to fly and control a kite.

Slide over the sand beach using the power of the kite and you will see that your first day of kitesurf will give you lots of fun!  more info ...





Two days kitesurf course; to the water !   

                                                   Nivel 2 - controlar la cometa en el agua

Level 2 - 2 Days

On the second day of your kitesurf course you will get into the water with the kite to learn the “bodydrag”, which is to slide on the water using the power of the kite. You will also learn how to launch the kite from the water.

And the fun is not over! We will teach you the basic techniques to water start with the board and you will be able to attempt your first meters standing on the board! Is going to be a blast!   more info ...






Three days kitesurf course; Starting to ride !!


                                                          Nivel 3 - salida del agua con la tabla 

Level 3 - 3 Days

On the third day of your course we will follow on the water with the board, perfecting the technique of “waterstart” to get you riding. We will practice intensively to obtain an optimum position over the board, so you will be able to ride a little bit further every time.

The aim of this day is to start to make you independent in the water.   more info ...




Foor days kitesurf course; Riding


                                                                 Perfeccionamiento del waterstart

 Level 4 - 4 Days

 On the fourth day of your course you should be independent. Your instructor will give you advices to perfect all the sailing techniques and waterstart. You will be able to sail with more control in both directions and you will start to learn how to change directions without stopping and how to go up wind.

You will be able to master all the techniques to practice kitesurf on your own, or with the help of a friend. . more info ...









One week kitesurf course; Total independence



 Level 5 - 5 Days


The intensive one week kitesurf course will give you all you need to practice the sport alone with total safety. We strongly recommended this five day training for those who wanted to feel completely independent at the end of the course. After the fifth day you will be able to kitesurf anywhere, with total autonomy.   more info ...








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