ETIK Kiteschool Tarifa
Kitesurfing school, Tienda Mala Mujer Living, C/ Batalla del Salado s/n (frente estación autobuses), 11380 Tarifa

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+34 620 891 399

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-Discovery Kitesurf-

get 1 hour of dicovery kite course for free just sending a tweet or a post !!!!

You want to try Kitesurf but you'are not sure that you're going to like it.

Do a 2h discovery and start to enjoy this sport for only 50 €

Book your course here

-Customized kite course -

 Differently then all the other schools, Etik Kitesurf Tarifa offers you to create a customized course based on your level, your goals and your budget.

Example: You can start in a group course (much cheaper) for the first part of your training, to learn the basis, the theory an all the safety procedures. When you arrive to the most delicate part of the training ( what we call "waterstart"), you can move on to a private course, with one instructor that is going to work exclusively with you. When you reach a certain level of independence you may finish your training by renting equipment with the supervision of all Etik Kiteschool instructors present on the beach. That would allow you to profit from a more economic course and completely adapted to your progression.

Send us a mail and we will create together your ideal course.

-Kitesurf equipment pack + Basic kite course -

 If you would like to learn quickly and be already kitesurfing right after your course, this is the perfect package for you. With the purchase of your kitesurf equipment, Etik Kiteschool Tarifa offers you a free course!

One free initiation to kitesurf ( 8h group course or 3h private course) + your complete equipment (kite, bar, board, harness, pump and repair kit, all new from 2012) for only 1590€.

Book here our special kitesurf offer.

-Unlimited kitesurf course -

One week course, with 5 days of lessons without a time limit, and if you can't kitesurf at the end of the 5 days, Etik Kiteschool Tarifa reimburse you 100%!!

That's how it works:

- The lessons will be distributed in 5 days during one week, according to weather conditions.

- The classes will be held on group, semi-private or private lessons, according to the progression of the student, the wind conditions and the opinion of the instructors.

- If, due to weather conditions, it is not possible to complete 5 days of lessons, the school will charge only the numbers of hours that the student could make it in the week.

- If the student fails to show up for a lesson, he will not benefit from the reimbursement.

- It is the school who decides if the student is ready to be on it's on, and so being, he will be able to use the school's equipment to practice alone, under the supervision of Etik Kiteschool's instructors or if the student should continue in lessons.

- At the end of the course the student will receive an IKO card ( International Kiteboarding Organization) as a certification of his level and that allows him to rent equipment all over the world.

1. "to kitesurf":

To know all the theory ( wind window, self rescue, safety sistems), to control the kite (turns, take offs,landing, relaunch from water, control in the wind window and board control), to waterstart both ways and to start to ride in both directions.

2. outside course hours the equipment it is not insured.

Total price of the course 760€

book your course here

- Deluxe kitesurf Course-

 Etik Kiteschool offers you a total freedom of your time, with an instructor exclusive for you an available for the whole day. No stress and no time limit.

- An instructor available just for you from 10h to 19:30h

- Transfer from your hotel to the beach

- Possibility to take breaks and restart the course whenever you want

- Fresh fruits and cold beverages at the beach to your disposition

- No hourly limitations. You can do as many hours of lessons as you pleased in one day

- Last generation equipment of 2012

Price for one day- 300€ ( with discount for more days)

And if you want a more complete experience without any hassle, we Can also organize your entire hollyday!! Hotel, excursions, activities, night life, vehicle and transfers.

Send us an email and let us organize your best kitesurf holiday!